Customer Journey Mapping

User research is about understanding the needs, behaviors and motivations of the user through observation and feedback. A customer journey map that includes voice as a channel can not only help user experience researchers identify the needs of users at the various stages of engagement, but it can also help them see how and where voice can be a method of interaction.

In the scenario that a customer journey map has yet to be created, the designer should highlight where voice interactions would factor into the user flow (this could be highlighted as an opportunity, a channel, or a touchpoint). If a customer journey map already exists for the business, then designers should see if the user flow can be improved with voice interactions.

For example, if customers are always asking a certain question via social media or live support chat, then maybe that’s a conversation that can be integrated into the voice app.

In short, design should solve problems. What frictions and frustrations do users encounter during a customer journey?

Qualitative Research Methods

6 Common UX Research Approaches

6 Common UX Research Approaches

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