Bernadette Bohan 

415-637-6870 • San Francisco, CA • 

UX Researcher who: 

  • Drives product improvements based on research findings in close collaboration with UX designers, engineers, and product managers 
  • Works cross-functionally with design, product management, content strategy, engineering and marketing 
  • Works closely with product teams to identify research topics that will drive short- and long-term product development 
  • Develops and maintains expertise in leading accessibility research (both academic and market insights) 
  • Continually strives to improve accessibility UX research and design process to deliver better output 
  • Partners with engineers, analysts, and other technical roles to create and share research 


  • Surveys, Interviews, Focus Group,s A/B Testing, Ethnographic Testing 
  • Card Sorting, Analytics, Competitive Analysis Reporting, Presentations 
  • Balsamiq, Flinto, Keynote,,, Heuristics 
  • User flows, Personas, Basecamp, Bugzilla, Jira 


Google by NTT Data

UX Design Researcher 

  • Rolling Researcher executing design validation on a monthly cadence for multiple topics across XFN teams
  • Executed A/B testing, usability, interviews and qualitative research methods to get user feedback across products
  • Worked with various teams to collect research topics, designs and collaboratively planned design validation research
  • Planned, executed, synthesized and presented research findings to local and global teams in Zurich
  • Worked independently to coordinate meetings with project managers, design and engineering teams to collaboratively ideate

Rejuice, San Francisco, CA 

UX Consultant

  • Conducting user research using a wide variety of qualitative and quantitative research methods, in-person and remote 
  • Conducting user testing of design concepts and prototypes 
  • Recruiting and screening participants, scheduling sessions, and assisting with other research planning and preparations 
  • Providing design direction to the UX team via mid-to-high fidelity concepts and prototypes based on user research feedback 
  • Collaborating with stakeholders including UX team members and Product Managers to identify and prioritize research opportunities in a fast-paced, rapidly changing environment 

Contenix, San Francisco, CA 

UX Researcher /Project Manager

  • Maintained a database for securities company of strong user research participants, as well as a central UX resource that gives team members visibility into research process and findings 
  • Designed and worked with internal analytics partners to track the performance of the team’s solutions and use that data to inform the next iteration 
  • Drove product improvements based on research findings in close collaboration with UX designers, engineers, and product managers 

Tree Fort, Menlo Park, CA 

Lead UX/Interaction Designer 

  • Produced wireframes and prototypes that contributed to user-centered design efforts for dozens of mobile app screens and web pages 
  • Developed product design, architecture and provided user-testing and synthesized use case data for product development of real-time meet-up apps 
  • Collaborated with developer teams and managed a wide variety of cross-media projects involving branding, illustrations and UI design 

Personal Neuro, San Francisco, CA   

UX/Interaction Designer 

  • Consulted on product design and user interface of innovative bio health mobile app and wearable technology device  
  • Identified and incorporated consumer needs into user-centered designs within a highly specified population of users with medical needs such as Alzheimer’s disease, seizures and various brain disfunctionalities 

Style Lend, San Francisco, CA  

UX Designer Consultant 

Worked directly with CEO, Operations Manager, Graphic/UI Designer to deliver competitive analysis of current fashion lending market including direct and non-direct competitors, work with designer to deliver the most updated mobile project to developers and oversee the production of the mobile app. 

    Stylematic, San Jose, CA   

    UX Design Lead /Creative Director 

    Created innovative methodologies to assess human behavior and social interactions for design improvements for fashion app  
    Distilled findings for stakeholders and provided concise research reports and presentations for funding and launch events with over 500 VIPs in attendance 


      eCuff Wearable Technology ™ 

      • Developed professional information sharing tool for large-scale tech and business conferences 

      The Bolt Wearable Technology™ 

      • Innovative social technology that lets others know your location, mood, interests and more 

      Volunteer Experience: 

      The Box Factory 

      Founder and visionary of innovative art space fostering the intersection of art and design,  10+ years 

      Comfort & Joy 501 (c)3 

      Board Member, former Art Co-Chair, Art Lead organizing funding for artists, events and large-scale projects, 2019, 12 year member 

      National Organization for Women  501 (c)3 

      Board Member and National NOW Awarded Artist, San Francisco, 2006, 5 year member 


      User Experience Tech SF San Francisco, CA 

      UX Design General Assembly, San Francisco, CA

      Lesley University, Cambridge MA [Master of Education]

      Northeastern University, Boston, MA [Bachelor of English]           www.bernadettebohan.desgn